Seductive Touch
Tantric Massage               

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The Original ' Classic


This massage is the original SEDUCTIVE TOUCH  Classic Massage, known as one of the best massages we have to offer, as it can be conducted with one or two masseuses. We will take you on an adventure designed to relieve you of the stresses of life, while also providing you with the pinnacle of physical joy.

We use a unique combination of massage techniques including Swedish, Thai, Iand Tantric to provide you with the perfect, relaxing, sensual massage experience. Throughout the massage, a young naked goddess will caress your body with soft, relaxing hands, which remain in contact with your skin throughout, forming a connection between you and your masseuse.

Tantra is intended to unify our fractured parts, and once we are a united energetic being again, it is meant to enable us to expand our energies and spirit to previously unknown levels. Tantra is different to other ancient traditions because it takes a holistic approach to a person as an entire being, thereby also taking their worldly desires into account. This is very different from other spiritual traditions, which tend to teach people to separate the desire for material pleasures away from spiritual aspirations. Even though many people can be drawn into spiritual beliefs and practices, they also have a natural, instinctive urge to fulfil their innermost sexual desires. Tantra is a unique practice that reconciles the apparent dichotomy between spirituality and sexuality.


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